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The Masterpiece and Co Creation

Updated: Aug 18, 2022


The Masterpiece, like a Saint, is a mirror. Like a saint, it work is to reflect the Will of God.

We hear of co creation but what does that mean? Is it our sacred link between the gift of free will and Divine Plan? How does our work reflect the Will of God? If there is the desire to serve all else will follow as all the saints and masterpieces have this desire to serve in common. Thus the first question must be "who does it serve?" Once answered, the second question is then "how does it serve?" These two questions and their answers will either place us in cooperation with the Holy Spirit or the ego.

The Saints are God's Masterpieces who cooperated like good materials in the hands of an artist who wants nothing but good to come from his or her work. The acceptance of God’s Beauty alone makes any gift or talent all the more available. The use of beauty in the service of God invests that talent and makes it tremendous. What better investment can be made here?

The Holy Spirit works on all levels, above your intellect as well as the depths of your unconscious as the Spirit continually generates movement within the artist’s body, mind, and soul. Co-creation with the Holy Spirit is receiving. However, it must be an active form of receiving triggered by an artist's being ready, willing, and able to accept the gift.

The artist, like the saint, needs to know that the Holy Spirit is always ready, willing, and able to assist you. Our only requirement is to be as equally ready, willing, and able to graciously accept the assistance we are about to receive. However, in order to accept and receive what the Spirit so willingly wants to give us, we must learn to listen. In order to listen, we must learn to recognize the Spirit’s voice. In order to recognize this Holy Voice, we must truly desire truth and want to make beautiful in the service of God to serve others in their devotion to God.

Seeking Beauty gives the artist the strength to do all things that are necessary to make the Masterpiece. Just by letting the Holy Spirit know that we seek Beauty gives us the assurance that we will now have guidance. As their are no contradictions in Divine Plan, we can not truly seek Beauty and intentionally make something that is ugly.

Of course each of us works to the best of our abilities with what we have been given. But to invest that talent in the service of God and the faithful is the labor of saints. It is co creation at its fullest. It is the masterpiece in the making.

Author:Anthony Visco

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