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Open Studio

Open Studio

Please join us for "Open Studio", where students choose their own projects whether it be painting, drawing, or relief or a combination of all. Each project will be individually guided to assist the student in their individual goals.

12 Sessions


The Art of Proportions and Sacred Geometry


The use of proportions and geometry by the artists of the Quattrocento to enhance and fortify their compositions is longstanding.  The desire to understand and utilize the comparative relationships of the part to the whole greater enables the artist to draw and compose all forms with greater harmonies.

12 Sessions


The Art of Chiaroscuro /

The 12 Laws of Light and Shade

Light and shade are the hallmark of Western art. Learn and practice the 12 Laws of Light and Shade as we explore the realm of chiaroscuro, what it means what is does and how we can use it to create greater meaning in our works

12 Sessions


The Art of Paneggio /Drappeggio:

The Anatomy of Drapery

The Florentine study drapery stands alone in the great world of drawing. Study with us  the Seven Types of Folds, their forms and what generates their various  qualities to enable artists to understand and utilize drapery to best contribute to  their compositions.

12 Sessions


The Art of Relief

Learn the quartette, “the four voices”, of Florentine pictorial relief and how it continues to revolutionize the world of relief sculpture. The art of relief sculpture finds its basis in the careful combination of actual and implied form, actual and implied space. In this one-week workshop, you will be introduced to both the fundamental and aspects of relief composition. Working from both direct observation and the live model, as well as in the north light, this class will include the various types of relief, how they are used, designed, and composed. Discussions and demonstrations will include methods of illusion, modeling techniques, and relief perspective.

12 Sessions

Copy of The_Madonna_and_Child_with_Saint

Canons of Composition

This course is based on The Canons of Composition found in all creation and designed to assist the artist in pursuing and finding a greater synthesis between the static to dynamic and the nature of the subject, and the context and content between both.  The inherent qualities the four modalities of composition and found in nature unite sign and symbol and culture and context in art and architecture alike. Each session will begin with a power point presentation and demonstration.

12 sessions  

Drawing from Memory

The Art of Drawing from Memory: The Stereometric Figure

12 Sessions



  • St. Francis and the Renaissance Imagination

  • Picturing the Rosary

  • Lux et tenebris

  • The Art of the Passion

  • The History of the Nude

  • Image and Likeness

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